How to become an IhomeCoach?

From here you have the possibility to become IhomeCoach and take advantage of the advantages offered by being a registered user. Register in the attached form.

What are the advantages of being a registered user?

-Win € 75 if your code participates in a rental transaction, both by the tenant and an owner. From this moment you have the opportunity to recommend the available homes for rent to friends or family and / or propose owners to register their properties on our website if they have not already done so. Simply, once you get your IhomeCoach member code you can give it to someone who has an interest in renting or putting their home for rent. Both the tenant and the owner will be asked to enter the code that you have provided when they make their own registration.

-If you have an IhomeCoach code and then become a registered Tenant you will receive a discount of € 200

-If you have an IhomeCoach code and then you register a property of your property with your code in our portal, we will give you an insurance of non-payment of rent or insurance of the landlord when your house is rented.

Register now as an Ihomecoach