Why secure your home against rent?

Protect your house It has never been so easy to rent with IhomeIbiza since we guarantee your peace of mind in the leases. For little money you will be guaranteed as an owner, your rent against defaults, legal defense and other situations that may occur.

These are the coverages that we include with our insurance:

-Impayment of the rent One of the main concerns of the owners in Ibiza is the lack of payment. IhomeIbiza proposes you to guarantee the rental income by choosing between 6.9 and 12 monthly payments that will be paid to you in the event of a non

-Payment situation. These can also be effective from the first month of default. To assess the insurability of your home, IhomeIbiza performs the risk assessment of your tenant and issues the insurability policy that guarantees the hiring of the rent protection. Let us select your tenant and make the rental contract!

-Legal defense The legal defense involves the hiring of a lawyer and solicitor. In addition, at the first signs of a dispute are frequent consultations with the lawyer. All this is covered when you insure your house.

• Telephone legal assistance

• Assistance in legal document management

• Eviction action to recover the possession and claim of rents

• Defense and claim of rights derived from the lease contract other than those of eviction and rents claim

• Criminal defense of the landlord

• Consumer rights

* Rights relating to lease agreements for Services

* Rights related to the goods located in the insured property

• Claim for breach of other insurance • Subsidiary defense of civil liability

• Conflicts related to property ownership

-Vandalic attacks up to € 5000

-Change of lock

How does our legal office protect you?

No two contracts are the same. Our legal office is at your disposal to prepare rental contracts adapted to your requirements. Minimize errors in the elaboration of contracts and carry out mandatory communications, pre-warnings and respect the deadlines that allow us to advise our clients in the best possible way

How to protect your home with the safe rent of IhomeIbiza?

It is very simple. At the time of registering any home in our portal you will have the opportunity to select the modality that you prefer for safe rent. Also, if you are an IhomeCoach user, the rental protection insurance will be free for you the first year when renting with IhomeIbiza. Register your code at the time of registration of your home.