IHOMEIBIZA is the portal specialized in medium and long term rentals in Ibiza and Formentera.

Why rent with IhomeIbiza?

IhomeIbiza is the real estate our parents choose because we attend to very relevant issues that affect the quality of the rent of your house and therefore your tranquility.

1.-You propose how you should be your ideal tenant. Only you are the one who decides the profile of the person you want for your home, especially in terms of economic solvency.

2.-You say the price and the duration. The price of a rental can vary depending on its duration and only you are the person who must decide this question.

3.- We deeply value your candidate as a tenant. We are not worth the words. This question must be accredited. IhomeIbiza will  select tenants and carry viability in a qualified manner.

4.-We give you legal support for the preparation of the lease and in the doubts that may appear. Our legal expert real estate office will take care of everything you need, solving controversial issues such as reservation signs, sureties, notifications and stipulated previews, etc.

5. We insure your home against acts of vandalism or aesthetic damage, in evictions or unpaid rent. This option is available whenever you wish. We advise you.

6. We assure your confidentiality. You have the possibility to exercise your ARCO rights contemplated in the LOPD.

7. You can sign up and download whenever you want through the portal.

8. Because you do everything from home. Comfort and effectiveness first of all. We can also visit you if you decide.

9. Because we are the fastest to rent with our “instant rental” system. The client can book immediately. However, until you give us the approval and we will advise you or advise against your rent, future tenants will be awaiting confirmation. You have the last word. The success of the rent will depend on an accurate assessment of the risk. Let’s work together.

10.- Because we accept good rental practices  with your tenant. We do not charge commissions to you or your tenant. We are committed to both the tenant and you. Check our rates

IHOMEIBIZA, specialists in safe rent

Our experience in the Ibiza real estate sector supports us. Our participation in legal proceedings allows us to advise you conveniently when renting your property.

Your house is our priority.We help you rent your property safely. We have a Legal Office and we collaborate with specialized insurance to protect you from evictions, unpaid rent or aesthetic damages.Let us propose your tenant and write the lease.

How to register my properties?

The first thing is to register as owner. It is totally free. You can also register as many as you wish and update them at your own pace.Remember that the rent must obligatorily comply with the requirements of a seasonal or annual contract regulated in the Law of Urban Leases.

And after registering the property, what happens?

The operation of IhomeIbiza is very simple. In these five agile steps you will have your property rented by a solvent tenant. Besides all this you do from home.