Rules of the establishments that are offered in IhomeIbiza and legal conditions of the portal for tenants and owners

Registration on the IhomeIbiza website implies the acceptance of the rules of the establishments that are offered in IhomeIbiza and that concern both landlords and tenants. The registration implies in detail the acceptance of the following rules and conditions:

  • I accept the legal conditions of the portal accepting that the reservations made in this portal are subject to the approval of the owner of the property who may accept or deny the reservation. In the process of a reservation it may not be approved within the established period of 24 hours after due to lack of registration, lack or omission of data, lack or omission of necessary documentation required by the owner, lack or omission of relevant data and / or valuation not positive of IhomeIbiza or the owner to accept the reservation and / or a seasonal rental contract. Also in cases where several simultaneous reservations concur, the reservation may not be accepted due to the need to prioritize reservations in order of arrival. The owner of the property is ultimately the one who makes the decision to accept or deny reservations without any criteria other than the one that sovereignly assists him.
  • I accept that if the reservation is denied, the amount will be unlocked within a period that will be stipulated by the Avaibook payment platform, which is usually 24 hours.
  • Exonerates from any question in dispute between tenant and owner, either in terms of particular conditions of the contract, or by any variation that any of the parties may introduce, being the matter in dispute between the owner and the tenant.
  • Exonerates IhomeIbiza from any matter related to the refund of the amount or claim of amounts charged through the Avaibook gateway. The cancellation policies are established in IhomeIbiza in the modality “without possibility of cancellation”.
  • Recognizes that IhomeIbiza acts as a real estate brokerage by contacting owners with tenants, not forming a contractual part of the lease contract, which will only be established between the landlord and tenant parties.
  • I accept the rates and commissions that IhomeIbiza establishes for owners and / or landlords and tenants or travelers.
  • I accept by direct initiative of the tenant the rates for the support of the web and support for their clients.
  • IhomeIbiza reserves the right to vary the conditions of gratuity regarding the publication of homes by owners. Likewise, IhomeIbiza reserves the right to suspend the free publication service without prior notice without claiming damages or indemnities for this reason.
  • IhomeIbiza reserves the right to vary prices and rates to both landlords and tenants without prior notice.
  • I accept that IhomeIbiza can verify with official organisms the data that I have provided in my register.
  • I agree to respect the conditions established by the owner, regarding rules of behavior, arrival, bail, payments, departure, pet ownership, smoking ban or others.
  • I accept the privacy and data protection policy of IhomeIbizaI accept and acknowledge that the accommodation I reserve is in the form of a seasonal contract in which I fix with exactitude the day of arrival and day of departure and that it obeys only a temporary need for housing (use other than housing)
  • I am informed that the rent of the apartment will be set in months, and the payment ajusted exactelly to the days of permanence at the lodging.